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Find your positive passions!

What is passion?


We have harmonious passion in activities that we love. We experience positive emotions and feelings such as enthusiasm, fun, joie de vivre etc.. In this respect, we like to devote a lot of time, energy, dedication etc. to such activities.


With these passions, a person retains his own control and remains open and attentive towards himself, other people etc.. They lead to positive experiences and results.


Messages like "choose the job you love and you won't have to work a day" as well as examples of financially very successful people (Jobs, Buffett & Co.) can make passions the supreme maxim and as a result unhealthy.


For this reason, obsessive passion must be distinguished from harmonious passion. This shows itself in acting under inner pressure & compulsion, in uncontrollable desire and by taking control over the person. In the short term, it often seems to lead to more self-confidence and a feeling of greater social acceptance. In the longer term, however, the consequences are that leisure time, family, friends, ... are neglected, decreasing frustration tolerance, ... up to overload and illness.


In particular, it is not always easy to find one's own harmonious professional passions, with which we are in an efficient and creative flow, feel and radiate enthusiasm and motivate other people.


The following questions & thoughts can help in finding your positive professional passions:

What would you like to do every day?

What motivated you so much that you did it immediately?

What do you like to read or talk about?

What hobbies, ideas & dreams do you have? ... have you had?

What do you draw joy & energy from? ... and not just money?

What makes you forget about time?

What comes easily to you?

Who do you admire? ... and why?

What does your inner voice tell you?

What do you find in your experiences, thoughts & feelings?

What gives your life meaning?

What values and intrinsic motives drive you?

What distinct interests, skills & strengths do you have?

What skills make you unique?

Be open to new things. Try out a lot.

Also think irrationally.

Your heart will feel when you have found what you are looking for.


Have you really found your positive passions yet?

If no, then reflect on the questions & thoughts mentioned!

What other questions & thoughts can help?

Can you really live your passions?


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Thomas Behncke

CEO/Managing Partner


If you have any questions or are looking for qualified support in the business fields HEADHUNTING, BUSINESS CONSULTING & INTERIM MANAGEMENT, HR CONSULTING/DEVELOPMENT or PERSONAL Expert & LEADER BRANDING, just send me a short message with the "Click for more!" button.


For further future-oriented information, thoughts & ideas please feel free to activate the “bell” at the top right of my LinkedIn-Profile.


On LinkedIn, I share about 2 to 3 posts a week on current topics.




Thomas Timothé Behncke

CEO/Managing Partner
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