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We offer top quality at an excellent price-performance ratio and see ourselves as our customers' business card.


Mutual trust is the basis for long-term successful partnerships, both private and professional. We provide additional security in the form of references and comprehensive guarantees, which are to be agreed with the respective cooperation partner on a country-specific and individual basis. This makes INSECOGO® an ideal partner when it comes to professional personnel consulting services.

  • We commit ourselves not to actively approach any employees of the customer company for other orders processed by us when taking over a project. In the area of executive search, we also undertake not to contact any employees of the company concerned for another client for a period of two years after the completion of the project.
  • Within a given industry, we only work for a limited number of competitors. Furthermore, we do not carry out similar projects for competing companies at the same time.

  • Time & cost awareness are a matter of course for us. Even before the start of a project, the partner responsible locally in the respective country defines tailor-made, clear service packages as well as his fee, which is based on the expected effort and complexity of a project.
  • Depending on requirements, we agree on the fee on a client-specific basis as a pure fixed fee or pro rata to the annual target salary of the future job holder.
  • Our clients thus receive planning and budget security as well as high transparency through permanent project controlling.

If a candidate presented by us should leave the company after conclusion of an employment contract within a replacement period for reasons not attributable to the client company, we will advise on the search for a successor without a renewed fee.


For us, a follow-up consultation without a new fee is a sign of professional cooperation and mutual trust. In this respect, it is a matter of a replacement and not a change of profile, an assignment for another position in the company, personnel reduction for economic reasons or other replacements for which the client is responsible.

Candidates that we present to a client speak exclusively to that client and not to clients from other projects. In this respect, there are no disturbances in the communication between client and candidate, but only positive impulses for the success of the project.

  • We only take on projects for which we have the necessary skills, both professional and personal, and of which we are convinced that we will achieve the result desired by the client.
  • In addition, we only accept projects that correspond to our quality and value concepts in order to have the highest possible identification with the values and goals of the client on the basis of common motives and ideas.
  • This is also the hallmark of our professional behaviour towards our candidates, who rightly trust us.

  • The organization and regular review of our business processes and system technologies are geared to the current and future requirements of our customers and candidates.
  • Our quality standards in the selection of candidates, our method and process quality as well as our structured and careful working methods have been proven successful.
  • In addition, we comply with the strict and ethical principles of the global Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC).
  • Each INSECOGO® partner personally looks after his clients and projects in the sense of "one face to the customer", thus ensuring high quality and continuity in cooperation and in our client relationships. In this respect, no student carries out essential work with us. For example, this would be disrespectful to top candidates during the initial contact, as is often the case with our competitors, and would usually be unsuccessful anyway.
  • We have the ambition to find the best and the right person in one person. For this reason, the best and the right people are committed to the best possible success of our clients and candidates.

  • We treat personal data and all information that comes to our knowledge in the course of a project as strictly confidential. Every client and every candidate enjoys the highest level of trust.
  • The identity of a client remains secret as long as possible and reasonable. References from candidates are obtained with absolute discretion. Trust, seriousness and loyalty are firmly established and binding values for us.

  • All direct INSECOGO® partners have committed themselves internally to our self-image, our positioning and the guarantees described here by means of a written agreement.
  • In addition, our quality and performance principles are an integral part of our business strategy.

The high quality of verifiable references from well-known customers confirms our performance and quality standards. We are happy to name project- and industry-specific references upon specific request.


For reasons of better legibility, the simultaneous use of gender-specific language forms is dispensed with.


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