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We want to actively live our self-conception and our values. The preservation of intact natural and habitats as well as the preservation of wild animal and plant species is an indispensable necessity for the survival of mankind. It has never been more important to act for our planet.


Our leopard is our brand motif. We associate it with self-conception, positioning, added value and uniqueness. It is already extinct in 63 to 75 percent of its historical area of distribution. Since the 1990s, more than 30 percent of its habitat has been lost worldwide, and in many regions the loss of habitat continues to increase. Leopards are "endangered" according to the Red List of the World Conservation Union IUCN. Persian leopards and Sri Lankan leopards are "severely endangered" according to the Red List, and Amur leopards, Arabian leopards and Java leopards are "threatened with extinction".


We are a sponsoring member or support the following organizations.

The World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) is one of the largest and most experienced conservation organisations in the world and is active in more than 100 countries. It is supported by around five million sponsors worldwide. Around the globe, employees currently carry out around 1,300 projects to preserve biological diversity.


The most important instruments of WWF nature conservation work are the designation of protected areas and the sustainable, i.e. nature-compatible, use of our natural resources. In addition, the WWF is committed to reducing pollution and wasteful consumption at the expense of nature. The main focus is on the preservation of the last large forest areas - in the tropics and temperate regions - of the earth, the fight against climate change, the commitment to living oceans and the preservation of rivers and wetlands worldwide.


  • The aim: to permanently preserve the greatest possible diversity of habitats to save a large proportion of the world's animal and plant species and thus at the same time to preserve the network of life that also supports us humans.
  • The mission: Stopping the worldwide destruction of nature and the environment. Shaping a future for us and our children in which man and nature live in harmony with each other. With clever nature conservation concepts, innovative ideas and convincing offers of participation, future generations will be able to live well on earth.
  • The strategic goals 2018 to 2022 in key points:
    • Protection of the Earth's forests
    • living / healthy seas and fish stocks
    • Water as the source of all life
    • Protection of wildlife
    • sustainable agriculture (production) and conscious lifestyles (consumption)
    • effective climate protection
    • more support for nature conservation and environmental protection in terms of revenues and supporters
    • Anchoring WWF topics (nature awareness & environmental protection) in society

The Global Wildcat Alliance is an international coalition of the world's leading environmental anthropologists who share an extraordinary vision: global conservation of habitats and biodiversity by protecting the world's wildcats.


Our leopard is our brand motif. We associate it with self-image, positioning, added value and uniqueness. It fascinates and inspires us! It is probably the most persecuted big cat in the world. This is why we especially support leopards.


Panthera's scientists are dedicated to understanding where sustainable leopard populations currently exist or can be rebuilt, and implementing conservation measures to reduce leopard killings. Working with local and national governments, businesses, non-governmental organizations and local communities, Panthera's efforts focus on population monitoring, illegal fur trade, reducing human-leopard conflict, stabilizing and increasing prey numbers and reducing unsustainable trophy hunting.


Panthera has initiated and supported conservation projects that protect leopards in 30 countries in Africa, the Middle East and tropical Asia. Panthera will continue to develop successful, sustainable conservation models and extend the reach of Project Pardus to other areas of the leopard program.


  • Mission: To provide a future for wild cats and the vast landscapes they depend on.
  • Vision: A world in which wild cats live well in healthy, natural and developed landscapes, preserving man and biodiversity.
  • Initiatives funded by the Global Alliance include
    • the stabilization and recovery of highly endangered tiger populations in Asia,
    • the expansion of anti-poaching units and world-leading security strategies to protect Africa's lions, leopards and cheetahs,
    • Development and implementation of a comprehensive snow leopard protection program in China in its entire range, as well as
    • the conservation of the 5,000-mile Jaguar Corridor in Latin America, one of the most ambitious conservation projects in the world.

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