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In today's world, companies are judged more than ever on the basis of their economic, ecological and social successes for society. In addition to the classic corporate tasks, the focus is increasingly on corporate governance guidelines, transparency and credibility. Qualified and active managing directors/board members and advisory/supervisory boards are essential for this at the top management level.


The filling of individual positions of these top board & management bodies as well as the professionally and humanly appropriate composition of experts to form a body that fulfils its tasks in the interests of the company is an elementary factor critical to success. An essential quality of a board is, above all, to take the best strategic course for the company and, if necessary, to counteract wrong decisions with competence and assertiveness.


Especially in medium-sized companies, family businesses and joint-stock companies, succession planning supported by internal committees provides the necessary stability in today's uncertain times. This requires an optimal staffing of the committees of the 1st management level.


Attention must be paid to the fit between the company and the candidates in terms of qualifications, experience, culture, diversity, personal life plans, etc., as well as the necessary degree of independence, objectivity, assertiveness and sensitivity for the organisation and its employees at all levels.


The qualified staffing and composition of these bodies thus requires comprehensive knowledge of human nature, expertise, sensitivity and experience.

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