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Our leopard is our brand motif. We associate it with self-image, positioning, added value and uniqueness. It fascinates and inspires us! It is probably the most persecuted big cat in the world. This is why we especially support leopards.

  • LEOPARD: Professionalism & passion
    • The Leopard is unsurpassable in its way: searching, finding, judging, efficient, dynamic, passionate, pragmatic and accurate.
    • He is confident, professional and successful. When success demands it, he is determined, gripping and assertive.
    • He has charisma and personality.
    • The characteristic of the leopard ideally describes our self-image as well as the 7 core elements of our we-brands: clear positioning, self-responsibility, values, dynamics, emotions, trust and success.
  • SEARCH/HUNTING SITUATION: Dynamics & target focus
    • We start our projects with an exact and systematic analysis of the wishes and goals of our customers.
    • On the basis of a tailor-made and clear strategy, we are dynamic in the realisation with a pragmatic focus on the objectives.
    • The search/hunting situation of our leopard shows highest dynamics, maximum commitment and professionalism with the clear goal to achieve the best possible result.
  • BLACK: Clarity in terms of self-conception & positioning
    • The basic colour black of the fur embossing and contours of our leopard stands for clarity in terms of our self-image and positioning.
    • We are reliable, loyal, conscientious and have a handshake mentality.
  • HIDE COLOUR: Customized & individual solutions
    • The coat colouring of our leopard in shimmering and multifaceted orange, yellow and reddish shades shows creativity and individuality.
    • We develop tailor-made solutions.
  • GOLD: benefits, added value & uniqueness
    • Our Leopard was created with a very high demand on design, line management, colour choice and technical implementation.
    • It stands for top quality and uniqueness as well as our striving for the best possible result.
    • The colour accents in gold of our leopard stand for the realisation of benefit and added value.

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