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Neuro-Recruiting: 3 ideas to touch your candidates emotionally!

One key to success in recruiting is to arouse positive emotions in top candidates from the very first contact.


Neuro-recruiting is sending targeted stimuli to the midbrain & diencephalon of top candidates/emotional types, so that they are more positively emotionalised for you as an employer as well as motivated to choose you. See also the Blog article: Neuro-Recruiting: Touch your candidates emotionally!


Below I give you 3 ideas for the application of neuro-recruiting:


Idea 1: Present your advantages as an employer on your career page from the emotional point of view of your desired candidates.


Use Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel's 3 emotion systems and different emotion types:


1: Balance system:

Attractive pay (security), job benefits (balance), …


2: Stimulus system:

Corporate culture (values & fun), development opportunities (new topics), …


3: Dominance system:

Career opportunities (Elite), increasing responsibility (decision-making competences), …


These emotional benefits must be immediately visible & clearly understood by candidates on your career page.


Idea 2: A picture says more than 1,000 words.


Humans can remember visual information much better & faster. If you see an apple, e.g., the information is said to be processed 60,000 times faster than when you read the word apple.


Candidates can also always perceive images as a whole, whereas a text has to be grasped word by word.


Images are also better qualified to portray emotional connections: e.g. emotionalisation through positive "storytelling" of a reference employee beaming with joy, ... how you as an employer create free space for employees, ... for e.g. free time for children on beautiful sunny days.


This creates positive emotional images in the minds of candidates that anchor themselves deeper in the memory and create more closeness & desire to become one of your employees than arguments in texts can.


Idea 3: Provide candidates with quick & direct successes as well as "feelings of happiness".


The "happiness hormone" dopamine activates positive mood, provides motivation, drive and promotes performance & well-being.


The release of dopamine in the brain takes place in the so-called "reward system", which is activated by positive experiences in various forms and arouses the desire for repetition.


The more intuitive, faster & emotional your application process is, the more positively you tend to be perceived as a potential employer: confirmation of receipt with information about the next steps, emotive e-books about reference employees, checklist for the interview, etc.


Top candidates want to be courted, emotional "rewards", freedoms, etc.


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