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COVID-19 / Corona: Executive Search offers higher chances

The Corona crisis is currently throwing the whole world into turmoil and yet in many places it is leaving it "standing still". The effects on society and the individual are drastic. A large part of the working population in Germany today has never experienced such an exceptional situation. This has consequences. Values are changing. Priorities are set differently. Work is perceived differently. The perspective on companies and employees changes fundamentally. Anyone who still believes that he or she can make the transition to everyday HR management in this prime example of a VUCA world is far from being right. Today, decisions can no longer be made solely on the basis of experience. They have to be analysed almost on a daily basis. The current white paper from Trendence briefly and concisely identifies 4 HR fields of action that result directly from current data from the largest corona labour market study.


A few weeks before the corona crisis, the willingness to switch was already surveyed once as part of the regular Trendence studies, so that a direct comparative value is available. Overall, the picture is as expected, the number of those seeking change is decreasing. In the case of academics, however, it is extremely interesting that the group of latent seekers remains stable. Both before the crisis and after it, 40% of the academics with professional experience are latently looking for a new position. From a recruitment perspective, this is exactly the potential for direct search. However, the actual number of active seekers is decreasing significantly. From 20% before the crisis, the figure changed to 7.7% during the crisis.


In this respect, a direct approach to specialists and managers now offers a good chance of finding suitable candidates. With our proven INSEMACO® Executive Search, we offer you sustainability and the highest quality, performance and social standards, with guarantees and an excellent price/performance ratio.


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